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IGNHL CBA (League Rules)

This is the official listing of IGNHL rules. This CBA will be used to in settle rules disputes. This version of the CBA is to be used for the 2012-13 IGNHL Season, and is valid until one week prior to the 2013 IGNHL Draft.

This CBA goes into effect on July 14, 2012.



The IGNHL is a head to head scoring league with twenty teams. Eight teams will make the fantasy playoffs, three weeks of single elimination matchups to determine the league champion. If you need additional information on how this scoring system works, visit this link to Yahoo!

The statistics used for this league are goals, assists, plus/minus, penalty minutes, powerplay points, shorthanded points, game winning goals, shots on goal, goalie wins, goals against average, save percentage, and goalie shutouts.


Each franchise is allowed at 21 man active roster, with the following starting positions breakdown:

  • 2 Centers
  • 2 Left Wings
  • 2 Right Wings
  • 2 Wingers
  • 2 Forwards
  • 4 Defensemen
  • 1 Goalie
  • 6 Bench
  • 3 Injured Reserve

Roster Management

Roster Spreadsheet

A league spreadsheet is to be maintained at all times. This spreadsheet contains the official rosters of all teams. This is the official source of who belongs to what team, not what Yahoo says.

Before making a free agency addition, check to make sure your team will be legal size after you make the move.

Before making a trade, check to make sure your team will be legal size after the trade. It is absolutely vital that you remember to consider whether farm players are involved. If you trade one player from your farm and one active roster player to acquire two farm-ineligible players, your roster will be illegal. There are too many scenarios possible to list them all, so if you have a question, ask the commissioner directly. If he is not available post in the thread to get crowdsourced help.

It is imperative that we as a league do not have any illegal roster moves now that we are a head to head league. What could have been a small and likely inconsequential mistake in rotisserie scoring could have a real and meaningful impact in head to head scoring, and the commissioner has no ability from Yahoo to correct this kind of problem after the fact, so we need to stop it before it happens.

If you see a player available that seems too good to be true, double check that the player wasn't put on our Off-Yahoo IR.

After you make a move on Yahoo, which is after you have checked to make sure that move will be legal, make the appropriate change to the Google Doc. All GMs will have the ability to edit the Google Doc. The commissioner will still upkeep a local master copy to double check against the online version, but this method will allow the league spreadsheet to stay up to date. All GMs will have their rosters locked on Yahoo until they post that they have read and understand this policy. Failure to make the required changes to the Google Doc will result in warning(s), followed by losing your ability to make roster changes if it becomes a recurring problem. Additional penalties will be handed out if an illegal move affects the scoring of a weekly matchup.

Farm Teams

Each franchise is allowed a six player farm team, including no more than two eligible goalies, for NHL drafted and/or signed players who have not yet completed their second NHL season. A season is defined as having played at least 26 games during an NHL season. Farm players will not count against your active roster. The league will maintain an online spreadsheet to list what players are in each team's farm teams for the summer, and provide 6 extra bench slots [1] in Yahoo to be filled ONLY with your farm team players.

Farm players may be called up or sent down without penalty to a franchise's move limit. Players who are sent down to the farm team must remain there for a full seven days. This means a player sent to the farm on a Monday must remain there until the following Monday. Requests for farm team changes are to be made in accordance to the Farm Team Management Rules. If a GM makes a call up with a full active roster and has no farm eligible player to send down, an active roster player must be designated to be waived.

When a player is no longer eligible for the farm team, they are immediately removed from the farm team and are a part of the active roster. This can cause the team to go above the active roster limit without penalty.

Free Agency & Waiver Claims

Before making a free agency add or waiver claim, check the spreadsheet to make sure your team will be legal sized after you make the move.

There is a limit of three total free agency/waiver signings for each week on Yahoo. The limit applies from September 29th until the final day of each NHL season.

Dropped players will be placed on waivers for a period of 5 days. The waiver priority order will start as the reverse order of the previous season's standings. The Yahoo waiver rules will be followed all year long, including any transactions made off of Yahoo. All relevant information will be accessible in the league spreadsheet.

Free agency and waiver claims will not be allowed from the protection list deadline until one week following the end of the draft.

Because waiver claims can be made outside of Yahoo, a manual waiver system will be used for the off-season.

Spreadsheet Updating

Once a move is posted in the transaction thread, the poster must edit the spreadsheet.


Before making a trade, check to make sure your team will be legal size after the trade. It is absolutely vital that you remember to consider whether farm players are involved. If you trade one player from your farm and one active roster player to acquire two farm-ineligible players, your roster will be illegal. There are too many scenarios possible to list them all, so if you have a question, ask the commissioner directly. If he is not available post in the thread to get crowdsourced help.

The amount of trades allowed is not limited. Franchises may trade active roster players, farm team players, and draft picks by round for only the immediate next draft. This means after the 2008 Draft you can trade picks for the 2009 Draft, but not any further into the future.

There are several times throughout the year that the trading rules will be different. These times include:

  • No trades from the end of the season until two weeks before the start of NHL free agency.
  • Unprotected players may not be traded at any time.
  • No trading is allowed for one week following the end of the draft.

The league will be setup each year with commissioner vetoing. Trades will be pushed through as the commissioner sees them. If a trade receives ten veto votes within 48 hours of the trade it will be reversed. Unbalanced and/or lopsided may occur from time to time, and GMs are not to vote to veto a trade simply because they feel one of the two teams is getting a better deal. A vote to veto a trade is *only* to be made in a case where the GM feels the proposed trade is collusive. All votes will be submitted to the commissioner by secret ballot. Should a trade be vetoed, the GMs who voted to veto the trade will have their votes revealed publicly. If there are votes to veto, but not enough to actually veto the trade, the commissioner will post the number of votes that were made to veto, but not the names of those who voted.

Trade Deadline

The in-season trade deadline is yet to be determined for the 2012-13 season. After the deadline, trading is suspended until the protection list deadline.

Injured Reserve

If a player is placed on the IR by his NHL team but not by Yahoo, you may request to have that player placed on the league's IR spreadsheet. If approved, the player may be cut to free up an active roster spot at Yahoo. Players listed on the league's IR spreadsheet are protected from being signed by other teams. When the player is no longer on his NHL team's IR, the IGNHL GM must either re-sign the player, a move which will not count against the 15 move limit, or cut the player. These procedures may also be enacted if a GM can show that the player has undergone season ending surgery even if the player is not officially placed on the NHL team's IR list.


Required Starts

Each team is required to make two goalie appearances per week in order for their goalie stats to count. Failure to do so results in forfeiting goalie categories pursuant to Yahoo scoring procedures

Special Case Scenarios


When a player retires from the NHL for any reason, the IGNHL GM who owns that player can choose how to replace the player, but no compensation will be given to the team.

NHL Suspension/Expulsion

Players who are suspended on banned by the NHL may be held onto indefinitely, but will take an active or farm roster spot up.


Any IGNHL franchise that has an active NHL player who dies will be given a compensatory pick in the following continuation draft. If there is any dispute, the Disciplinary Committee will rule on whether or not the player was considered an active NHL player at the time of death.

Draft Procedures

Player Eligibility

Any player who has ever been drafted or has been signed by an NHL team before the first day of the IGNHL draft, and who is not protected by any team for any reason provided in the CBA, is eligible to be selected in the yearly drafts.

All players must first have been eligible for an IGNHL draft before they can be signed as a free agent.

Creation Draft

The rules that were used for the Creation Draft can be found on it's separate page.

Continuation Draft

A continuation draft will be held each summer to select new prospects and to disperse some of the depth from the previous season's rosters.

Following the draft each GM will have one week to make cuts to their rosters to bring their active roster down to 21 players and their farm team down to 6 players. No transactions other than waiving players are allowed during this period.


This draft will have five rounds and one compensatory round. Teams have the option of passing if they do not wish to take any more players. When a team passes, they cannot make any further selections in the draft outside of the compensatory round. The draft order does not snake.

The first round will be held in a manner similar to the inaugural draft, with an on the clock time of 12 hours per pick. Teams are to use as little time as reasonably possible. For the first round of the draft, the draft is expected to be your top priority on the boards. After the first round has ended, round two will begin the following day.

For Rounds 2 through 5 all selections will be scheduled in advance. Four selections will be made per day, with draft slots of (in Eastern time) 4pm-6pm, 6pm-8pm, 8pm-10pm, and 10pm-12am. Draft selections will be posted to a thread on IGN and the schedule will be maintained on the wiki.

The Compensation Round will follow the same time-slot scheduling, with selections added to empty draft slots in the order that they are awarded.

Draft selections will not slide in this system. All picks except compensation picks will be mapped out ahead of time and it will be up to you to either make the selection in your window or provide a list to a designated person who will make your selection for you. Note you will only need a list of four names at the most for any specific day.

Draft selections may be made early, but not more than 24 hours in advance.[2] Specific, individual exceptions to this rule can be made at the commissioner's discretion.[3]

Should a GM erroneously select a player who has already been taken earlier in the draft, that selection will be voided and the pick will be forfeited.


There will be no trading in the first round.

You are allowed to trade draft picks from Rounds 2-Compensation, already made draft selections, and players from your protected list.

Trading a draft pick only changes who makes the selection in the scheduled spot. [4]

If the commissioner is not available the teams involved are required to the necessary changes to the Draft Order Google Doc.

Draft Lottery

The league will use a modified version of the NHL draft lottery system from the 2008 season. No team may move up more than four spots in the draft order or fall down more than one spot. The top three finishing teams will not be eligible to win the draft lottery.

The draft lottery determines the order of the first round *only*. Rounds 2-5 will be held in reverse order of the previous seasons standings, except for playoff teams. For last year's playoff teams, the four teams eliminated in the first round have picks 13-16, with the best record of those four teams having the 16th pick. The better record of the two teams eliminated in the semis has pick 18. The champion has pick 20.

The compensatory round order will go in the order picks were given.

Full details can be seen on the Draft Lottery page.

Protection Lists

Each GM will provide the commissioner with a list of up to 10 players to protect from the next continuation draft. All farm team players are automatically protected and exempt from being claimed in the continuation drafts. Protection lists must be submitted by midnight CST on July 7. Should a team fail to meet the deadline, the commissioner will protect your top 8 point scorers (Goals+Assists) and your two top Yahoo! ranked goalies. Should the team have fewer than two goalies, the rest of the protection list will be filled by the next highest point scorers. These players will remain on your roster for the start of the next season. Any unprotected player may be claimed by any team in the draft. All unprotected players that are not selected in the draft are returned to their previous team.

There is no limit placed upon the number of years any player may be consecutively protected by any one team.

Compensatory Picks

For each unprotected player that is claimed by another franchise before the compensatory round, the GM losing the player will receive a compensatory pick in an extra round at the end of the draft.[5] The compensatory picks will go in order from when they were first received. The extra round will continue for as many picks were needed to be given; there is no limit on the number of picks that can be made in this round.

Work Stoppage Rules

If necessary due to an NHL work stoppage, the following rules will be in effect.


The draft following a work stoppage would be like the 05 NHL system. Each team begins with three balls in the lottery barrel. For every playoff appearance in the last three years or No. 1 overall pick over the last four years, a team loses one ball. The draft order would also snake. If necessary, any rotisserie scoring years that are in the past three seasons would count top 8 finishes as playoff appearances.

Partial NHL Season

If a partial season is scheduled, we will play the partial season provided Yahoo fantasy hockey opens. We will not attempt to transfer our league to a different system for a partial season.

Protection Lists

We will retain our 10 active + 6 farm protection list system (you will be able to submit a new list) before the draft.

Roster Changes

Roster changes will be allowed using our off-Yahoo systems one day each month until the stoppage is resolved.

Franchise System

GMs are allowed to use their own private Yahoo accounts to manage their teams, provided the commissioner has the ability on Yahoo to assign a new GM to the franchise at any point.

Assistant GMs

GMs are allowed to have an Assistant GM. Assistant GMs may make any moves on Yahoo that are allowed by the GM. The GM can limit the abilities of their GM through their team settings on Yahoo!. For transactions outside of Yahoo, the GM must approve any transaction made by an assistant GM. GMs may allow for their assistants to make moves outside of Yahoo without their approval by making a request to the commissioner.

Draft picks cannot be made by assistant GMs without prior GM approval.

The GM may make any transaction, within Yahoo or not, without the consent of the assistant.

Replacing a GM

If for any reason a GM is unable to continue to participate in the league, a new GM will be selected for the franchise. If the franchise had an assistant GM, the assistant will be promoted to interim GM and given control on Yahoo. A new permanent GM will be selected soon after the prior GM has left, and at that time the new GM will be given control of the team on Yahoo. This can happen mid-season.

Should a GM with a co-manager know in advance that they will be unavailable for an extended period of time, they may choose to give their co-manager full control of the team while they are gone. In this scenario no waiting list user will be promoted into a GM or co-GM role.

GMs may be removed from the league for the following reasons:

  • Inactivity in franchise management
  • Inactivity on the hockey board and IGNHL thread
  • Not being available on instant messenger
  • Deliberate and repeated breaking of league rules (e.g.: picking up players from other GM's farm teams)
  • Collusion

If the commissioner feels a GM should be considered for removal from the league, the disciplinary committee will meet, discuss, and vote on the issue.

League Communication

All GMs are expected to be active on IGN. IGN allows all users, Insider or not, to send Private Messages. GMs are expected to reply to any PM regarding the IGNHL in a timely matter. MSN communication is preferred but no longer required. You can sign into Windows Live Hotmail and chat through MSN without installing the program. There is a Google Doc with contact information for all members of the league.

League Discipline

Disciplinary actions can be taken for a variety of reasons. Any GM deemed to be deliberately breaking or attempting to break the rules laid out in this CBA are subject to immediate removal from the league, including mid-season replacement.

League discipline includes, but is not limited to: Reducing a team's maximum number of games played allowed, taking away future draft picks, removing a GM from the league, and any combination of individual penalties.

Disciplinary Committee

The commissioner will ask three users from the league to form this committee, which includes the commissioner. When the commissioner decides action may need to be taken, the committee will confer and decide if any action is necessary, and what the punishments will be. In case of a tie, the commissioner has the deciding vote. If any of the committee members are the GM whom the discussions are about, that GM will not participate on the committee for that decision. If a committee member has to be removed from the league, the remaining committee members will immediately choose a new member.

If there rises a situation where the CBA must be altered to close a loophole or be more clearly worded after a GM breaks the spirit of the rule, the disciplinary committee can discuss ways to fix the problem, and for those specific reasons the CBA may be altered at any time during the year by the Commissioner, acting upon the decision of the committee.

All committee decisions are decided by a simple majority vote.

Commissioner Rules

In the event that the commissioner must take a planned leave of absence, the deputy commissioner will serve as acting commissioner for the duration of the commissioner's leave. If there arises a problem with the acting commissioner's availability, the disciplinary committee will decide upon a new acting commissioner.

Should the Commissioner drop out of contact with the league for a period of three days without notice, the deputy commissioner will take over duties. Upon the commissioner's return, the disciplinary committee will decide whether or not the commissioner will be allowed to resume that role. If the committee decides the commissioner will not return to his position, the deputy commissioner will be promoted to commissioner, take a position on the disciplinary committee, and the committee will choose a new deputy commissioner.

Revisions to the CBA

Any changes to the CBA not made due to Disciplinary Committee decisions will not go into effect until the beginning of the next draft. Changes made to league rules after the 2008-09 edition of the CBA will be voted on by the league GMs.

The commissioner will present the proposed changes to the league, and changes must receive 75% of the vote (15 GMs must vote for the change) in order to be enacted. GMs who do not submit their vote in time will have their vote counted as keeping the CBA as is, a vote against any proposed change.

The finalized CBA for each season will go into effect prior to the start of the IGNHL Continuation Draft.

Corrections to typographical errors may be made at any time during the year.

Additional "wikifying" (linking words, terms, or phrases in the CBA to other pages of interest) and layout changes may also happen at any time. Such changes will never change any rules.

Proposed Changes for 2013-14

Pending Changes for 2013-14


  1. Provided Yahoo! allows for six slots. If they do not, the remaining farm players will be protected by the league's roster spreadsheet.
  2. Examples: If you are slotted for the 4-6pm time on August 2nd you may select at any time from 12:01am-6pm on August 2nd. If all picks for August 2nd are made by 2pm, the 4-6pm pick for August 3rd may be made beginning at 4pm on August 2nd. This also means that the 4-6pm team on August 3rd could wait until 5:59pm on August 3rd to make their selection.
  3. Granting an exception for the first pick of a day doesn't mean the second pick of that day can be made early. It also does not mean the person who was given the exception can assume an exception will be given for a future selection for similar or equal personal circumstances. This exception rule is intended for people who get hit with overtime at work or have some sort of emergency. This is not for people going on vacation. You can get yourself an assistant, or submit a shortlist to the commissioner.
  4. If, at 5:53pm, you trade for a draft pick scheduled for 4-6pm of that day, you would have less than seven minutes to make that selection.
  5. Compensatory picks are not received for redrafting your own unprotected players.